What is DeXit(DXT)?

DeXit(DXT) is the native token used for governance and gas fees on our future DeX. Currently, DXT exists on BSC(bep20). In the future, it will be used to power our DeX and Swaps and Yield farming. Additionally, DXT will be the core token used for staking and validating the blockchain as a proof-of-stake(authority) to receive new minted tokens from block rewards.

What is Dexit.Finance?

Dexit.Finance is our website and d'app that powers our DeX(Decentralized Exchange), provided by a User Friendly UI and features that your favorite centralized exchange holds, powered by powerful decentralized smart-contract mechanics, with lower gas fees than traditional models.


is our Mainnet/Blockchain.

 DexitWallet 1

is our wallet for staking/node validation, we are creating a 2nd future external wallet that allows users to hold their own keys in a more portable and user friendly way.


is our blockchain explorer.

FAQ continued…

1. When will the Dexit Ecosystem be
available and will staking be on the platform?

We Estimate the full phase of Dexit Ecosystem to
be ready and live in 12-18 months.
PoS(A) should be ready Q2:2022

2. Liquidity locked ? / Project safe ?

Project is 100% safe with Liquidity Locked on DxSale for 10years. Core Team wallets are locked for 12 months

3. When Will DXT be On CEX’s?

We will be on CEX’s Soon

4. Can I provide liquidity for DXT/BNB?

You can do so on pancakeswap, It's up to you.

5. What are the tokenomics of DXT?

2.6B Circulating Supply
(5B Max - 2.4B burnt 🔥)

- 11% Tax
4% Redistributed To Holders
4% Burn
3% Dev

6. Where can I buy DXT ?

You can buy DeXit on PancakeSwap & HOTBIT

7. What is the DXT contract address?

The contract address is:


8. Where can I see the current price of DXT?

You can buy DeXit on PancakeSwap:

9. Is DXT listed on CoinMarketCap?

Yes DXT is listed on CMC:

10. Is DXT listed on CoinGecko?

Yes DXT is listed on CoinGecko:

11. How is Dexit making sure their network is secure and free from attacks?

Well I think I described it a little bit but we are using Proof-of-Stake authority which basically is proof of staking with an additional mechanism that randomly selects validators to confirm the blockchain via RNG(random number generator) so it is always extra secure.

The oracle guard allows us to interact with other blockchains safely .

Furthermore, we are going to reduce overall gas fees as well as tweak the block confirmations so on top of protecting against double spending and 51% attacks and utilizing slashing similar to BSC, we are adding the security of further on-chain confirmations.

- Developer Robin